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NextNav Stock: Pioneering the future of GPS

by Investoradar


NextNav (NN), a company founded in California in 2007, is trying to transform the landscape of the soon the be outdated GPS. NextNav is a next-generation GPS that provides geographical location services with highly accurate vertical positioning so that they reflect the 3D world around us, unlike the 2D GPS we are used to now. GPS technology had not advanced in a long period of time, NextNav is trying to take GPS to the next level to meet the growing needs in the current economy such as ride-share, delivery, indoor mapping, and autonomous vehicles. NextNav currently offers two products which are NextNav Pinnacle and NextNav TerraPoiNT.

NextNav Pinnacle

NextNav Pinnacle adds a new dimension to the GPS and makes it 3D. Pinnacle delivers precise, “floor level” vertical positioning for any geolocation application and it is one of the most reliable z-axis services available in the market right now. This now allows different users to pinpoint a location much more accurately knowing also the vertical location of where the signal is being sent from. The application is easy to deploy as it leverages the barometric sensors already available in phones, tablets, and many other devices. It can also be easily integrated developers can easily add Pinnacle to any application using NextNav’s software development kit and APIs.

NextNav TerraPoiNT

NextNav TerraPoiNT is an accurate, secure, and resilient PNT (Position, Navigation, and Timing) system that supplements and enhances existing GPS capabilities. NextNav TerraPoiNT uses a dedicated, terrestrial network of transmitters to deliver critical PNT services where GPS can’t in both indoor and urban areas. Unlike national space-based systems, the proximity of NextNav’s transmitters makes the signal strength 100,000 times that of GPS. It is also secure and offers fully encrypted signals resistant to GPS spoofing and jamming.

Market Opportunity

The TAM (total addressable market) is estimated to be bigger than $100 billion which has a wide range of use cases.

• Mission-critical public safety and e911 represents a $4 billion market

• Mass market, mobile apps, and data analytics represents a $24 billion market

• Autonomous vehicles, eVTOLs and UAVs represents a $10 billion market

• Enterprise, IoT, and critical infrastructure represents a $11 billion market

Let’s dive deeper into some use cases.

Public Safety:

First responders rely on accurate and reliable geographical location data. NextNav’s solution now allows first responders to have access to the vertical position of where the signal is being sent out. Before we might only know which building the person is in but we will not know which floor and wherein the floor is him or her at. Now with NextNav’s technology, we are able to pinpoint its exact location and this allows first responders to react faster and more efficiently.

Autonomous vehicles:

The autonomous vehicles industry is growing rapidly and as more and more autonomous vehicles hit the road in the future, it is important to have resilient and precise location data. NextNav’s technology is able to provide accurate and reliable data for autonomous vehicles to navigate especially in crowded urban areas. The data allows the vehicle to make quicker detection and more precise correction of sensor-driven error.

eVTOLs and UAVs

eVTOLs (Electric Vertical Takeoff and Landing) and UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) are rising in popularity. One of the biggest concerns for both eVTOLs and UAVs is their safety. Similar to Autonomous vehicles, NextNav’s technology provides reliable navigation in urban areas that requires precise location awareness. 3D situational awareness is required for urban air mobility to assure safety and this is something GPS could not provide with its 2D technology.


For food delivery companies and commercial delivery companies, the delivery person is now able to locate your location in detail. In urban areas with multi-stories buildings everywhere, delivers are able to find the location of the building you’re at but may not know which floor you’re at. With NextNav’s pinnacle, the delivery person is able to easily locate and deliver your goods to your doorstep but not at the front desk anymore. This reduces the time for drop-off and increases deliveries efficiency.

Final thoughts

NextNav provides a next-generation geographical location service and I believe it will be able to transform the current GPS technology to a whole new level. The TAM for the company is huge and the wide range of use cases especially in growing industries such as autonomous vehicles and eVTOLs and UAVs are able to provide a large opportunity for NextNav going forward in the long term. Also being the leader in the industry gives them the first-mover advantage as they are already deployed in 4,400 cities and are being used by NASA, I believe this company will become the next generation of GPS.

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