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Desktop Metal Stock: Leader of mass production 3D printing

by Investoradar
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Desktop Metal (DM) is the latest company trying to take additive manufacturing mainstream by providing mass production capabilities. This also provides a great opportunity for an investor that wants to capitalize on the trend of additive manufacturing 2.0.


Desktop Metal (DM) was founded in 2015 with a mission to make 3D printing an essential tool for engineers and manufacturers around the world. Additive manufacturing or 3D printing has always been around, in fact back in the 1980s people are already considering using 3D printing to manufacture prototypes. However, the reason why 3D printing never made it to the mainstream manufacturing industry is that its price and lack of capability to mass-produce. Now with the 3D printers being a lot cheaper, Desktop Metal is taking on the challenge to produce a printer that can help companies mass-produce parts. The additive manufacturing market is estimated to grow 11 times from $12B to $146B by 2030, driven by the shift from prototyping to mass production applications.


Desktop Metal offers 5 products (4 hardware and 1 software). The hardware includes Fibre, Studio System, Shop System, and Production System. Each printer serves different purposes with the Production System being its crown jewel product.


Fibre is a printer that is designated for companies that want to print small amounts of parts that are made out of industrial-grade composites, featuring continuous carbon fibre and fibreglass tape. Parts are usually used in consumer electronics and automotive industries.

Studio System

Studio System is an office-friendly metal 3D printing that allows employees, designers, and engineers to print 3D metal parts easily. The process from printing through sintering is automated, the software automatically scales your part, orients it for print and sintering success.

Shop System

Shop System is designated to machine shops. The Shop System uses high binder quality jetting to cost-effectively 3D print end-use metal parts with unmatched speed and productivity. The printer is easy to use and operate and is able to handle mixed volume production, batch production, and mid-volume production.

Production System

The Production System is designated for high-speed metal 3D printing for mass production. The system is designed to be the fastest way to 3D print the metal parts at scale. It can produce in a variety of metals and the quality of the parts produced is superb with densities up to or exceeding 99%. The camera is attached to the system to ensure the quality of the printing process.

Live Parts

Live Parts is a software that allows designers and manufacturers to make generative designs easily. It can optimize parts geometry during the generation process to produce optimized and stable parts. It can also run stimulation and analysis where the software stimulates environmental and application forces and real-world conditions then strengthen the design for different conditions. It also allows the designer to adjust their design during the process and users can see the designs change in real-time.

Why Desktop Metal

From the products above, you can see that Desktop Metal provides a full suite of hardware and software that cater to different needs for different customers. The Production System’s mass production solutions speed up production 100x of the legacy technologies and provide a comprehensive portfolio across different materials with not just metal. Their system combined speed, accuracy, and quality finishing with Single Pass Jetting. They are able to mass-produce and produce a layer in less than 3 seconds with its throughput up to 100,000s a year which no other company is capable of doing at the moment. The company is also investing in pioneering technology such as 3D printing polymers with new systems. Their production systems will only get more and more comprehensive over time and competitors will be hard to catch up with Desktop Metal’s technology.

Final Thoughts

Desktop Metal currently has a global distribution network with over 200 partners in over 65 countries, and they are expanding their footing into the dental and jewelry industry, also more and more traditional manufacturers are seeking ways to reduce cost and increase efficiency and I believe we will see a lot more companies adopting additive manufacturing in the future. For investors, the company is in hyper-growth mode and their software business provides a margin cushion for them which is a big plus in a hardware-dominated industry. I believe additive manufacturing has officially moved from AM 1.0 to AM 2.0 where a lot more companies will adopt 3D printing once they realize the mass production capability Desktop Metal provides and with multiple tailwinds I believe the company will be the leader of the next stage of additive manufacturing.

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