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Autonomous drones are here

by Investoradar

The autonomous drone made by American Robotics (ONDS) got approved by the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) and it became the first federal-approved autonomous drone in the market. The autonomous drone is a huge breakthrough in technology. It is not ready for residential use as safety is still a possible issue but commercially this can improve efficiency in a lot of industries, as it can eliminate the need of having someone control different drones from day to night every day.

The autonomous drone is an all-in-one integrated solution where everything is automated, from landing, charging to data processing. The three main components of the solution include the Scout, which is the autonomous AI-powered drone, the Soutbase, which is the weatherproof charging and edge computing station, and Scoutview, a front-end fleet management, and analytics software. The Scout is inside the Scoutbase for charging and data processing. Then using Scoutview, companies are able to monitor and interact with the drone remotely without needing a human pilot. With a visual, multispectral, and thermal camera, the drone is able to collect data easily on schedule or on-demand. The data collected is transmitted in real-time and can be extracted immediately. Once everything is installed, the Scout systems will run missions autonomously, collecting, processing, and analyzing data.

The market for commercial use autonomous drones is huge. Its TAM (total addressable market) the estimated to be as big as $100 billion. The industry that autonomous drones penetrate is the industrial market, agricultural market, and defense market. In the industrial market, it can be used for asset inspection, asset tracking, and asset security and safety for businesses such as oil and coal companies. In the agricultural market, it can be used for weed detection, disease detection, plant counting, research, and harvest planning. Whereas in the defense market, it is able to provide surveillance and scouting for security. This vastly improves the efficiency of these markets and industries as it is able to leverage autonomous to drone the work in large field areas which humans are hard to access quickly and easily. It also makes data collection much easier with its integrated software and solution.

The company is recently acquired by Ondas, a wireless networking company that designs and manufactures its multi-patented, Software Defined Radio platform for Mission Critical IoT applications. Ondas provides wide are broadband networks that are reliable and secure for companies to manage thousands of remotely connected devices. With the two companies combined now, American Robotic’s autonomous drones are now able to leverage Ondas’s high-bandwidth network to long-range data transfer with thousands of drones collecting and analyzing high-resolution data continuously. The transfer of data is also much more secure now. The combined company is able to provide the ultimate autonomous drone with unmatch capability that can effectively improve the efficiency of several industries, and I believe this is the future for industrial data collection.

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